Psychotropic Drug Directory 2020/21:
The professionals' pocket handbook an aide memoire

Stephen Bazire
Stephen Bazire is Honorary Professor for the School of Pharmacy at the University of East Anglia and Trustee for Norfolk and Waveney Mind. He was previously Consultant Pharmacist and Chief Pharmacist for Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, based in Norwich. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. He has a special interest in providing education and information about mental health drugs to service users and carers. He jointly runs the Choice and Medication website ( and its mobile counterpart (, providing a mass of information and advice to service users and carers through customised portals, free at the point of access. His other interests include playing in a barn dance band, railways and, along with his family, being shareholders and season ticket holders at Norwich City FC, experiencing the ups and downs of actively supporting their local football team.

This new edition of the Psychotropic Drug Directory (now in its 27th year) continues its aim to provide for professional practicing clinicians a source of rapidly accessible information, advice and references on psychiatric drugs and to act as an aide memoire. The chapters include medicine treatment options for major mental health conditions; selecting medicines, doses and switching; psychotropics in problem areas; drug interactions; drug-induced psychiatric disorders; managing adverse reactions and finally miscellaneous information. The Psychotropic Drug Directory has been published regularly since 1993, during which time there have been 30 editions in three languages and over 504,000 copies sold worldwide. The now well-known format of information arranged in a problem-solving manner allows issues to be resolved quickly and easily. Over 12,000 key references are included for rapid identification of key papers for further research and clarification. The underlying aim of the book is to help encourage the positive, optimal and rational use of medicines to their best effect in order to improve the quality of life for people with mental health needs.

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Psychotropic Drug Directory 2020

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